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Fifteen Going to Sixteen
Am a student currently. If theres any reason i chose that blog tittle its simply cause everybody like shoes/heels/stilletos! Wondering what kind of person i am? Prolly the most annoying, loud, hyper, insane, bubbly, noisy, rough kind of person. Believe me, i don't mean harm, ok. And when i ignore you, it doesn't entirely mean that i dislike you, its just that i'm very easily embarassed. plain words, shy. Yes, its pretty hard to believe but its true. Anyways, loves can range from manga, anime, dramas, books, games, music, photography & fashion? one last thing, do NOT ever mistake me for the guys 'kaiwen' cause i get that alot but being the kiasu me the name kaiwen IS FOR A GIRL OKAYY!the WEN is totally for a girl!
Judge Me And I'll Prove You Wrong


The Momento
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